Author Feature – Perfect Stranger by Lindsey Powell

Wrong Choices… Bad judgements… Despair…

Stacey Paris is in a relationship with the arrogant Charles Montpellior. Charles is controlling, leaving Stacey no room to breathe. She needs to make some major changes in her life, but it isn’t until a familiar face from her past resurfaces that she is able to seriously re-evaluate the choices that she has made so far. Jake Waters is mysterious, handsome, charming and intriguing. Stacey first met Jake six months ago, when they shared a passionate encounter together. Since then, she has tried to forget about how he made her feel. She is trying to concentrate on her relationship with Charles, but she is fighting a losing battle.
Jake’s reappearance will make Stacey feel emotions that she has never experienced before. Is Jake as perfect as she thinks he is?
Stacey seems to think so.
So, why is it that she ends up fighting for her life?

Only one way to find out….

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Let’s learn a little more about the author, Lindsey Powell.

What do you think is your very best feature or characteristic?

My ability to empathise with others in their hour of need.

Do you save trinkets and mementos?

I keep any cards or mementos that my two beautiful children have given me.

Do you like to plan things or do you like to be more spontaneous?

Before becoming a mother I would say that I was more spontaneous in my decisions. However, now I tend to plan more. Although when the odd occasion arises for an evening out with friends, I like to put on my gladrags and go with the flow.

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be and why?

Telekinesis would be my super power as this would enable me to write without being interrupted to do things.

What advice would you offer an aspiring writer?

Follow your own path and don’t let anyone dissuade you from your goals. I never thought that my book would be read by others, but now that it is, I am so glad that I put aside my fears. Dreams can be achieved, so just go for it.


Lindsey lives in South West, England, with her partner and two children, and she works within a family run business. She started working on Perfect Stranger in 2013. Her love of reading inspired her to write her own novel.

Lindsey has been friends with Victoria, the designer, since 2005. The Perfect Series has become a reality as a result of their combined talents. Lindsey being able to work with a close friend, has made the journey through this more personal and rewarding. Seeing their work come to life is incredible.

Perfect Stranger is the first book of The Perfect Series.



Book Two in the Perfect series, Perfect Memories, is being released this month! Look for details and connect with Lindsey on Social Media:

Twitter     Facebook    Her Website


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