Author Feature – Weave for Me a Dream by Kathryn Lynn Davis

Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C., 1895

In this emotional story of love and loss, anger and forgiveness, self-discovery and triumph, the characters in the Ivy family struggle against the adversities and realities of a time filled with bigotry and fear, as well as violence and danger, and secrets embodied in the people they once loved, but cannot now understand. Saylah Ivy, once shaman of her Salish tribe, now wife and mother, follows her white husband Julian as he seeks new adventure in the city.  Their love is their strength, but is it enough to help them face the conflicts that arise as Julian begins to make his mark fighting for the people who are too weak or too poor to fight for themselves? Meanwhile Saylah, with her gentle, sensitive nature and mystical sensibilities, continues to heal those she can, while the rhythm of her Native past calls out to her.

Saylah and their daughter Illiann must meet the challenge of living two lives—both Salish and White—while facing prejudice, discovery and danger along the way. Julian and their son Kit confront a powerful enemy who threatens their existence. Both adults must face the revelations of secrets long-suppressed by close friends and Julian’s missing mother, and the confused feelings that overwhelm them as they try to make sense of the new world they live in and the new challenges they face. But neither is prepared for the effect of the danger and disclosures on their children.

Sensuous and sorrowful Simone Ivy—who mysteriously left her husband and son over 20 years ago—holds in her heart more secrets than she can bear. She grieves for the loss of her son Julian, but is afraid to face him after so long. Will she find the courage to return to Vancouver Island? Will she tell her son the truth? Or does someone else know that truth, and dare he reveal it when it might destroy him?

The family must protect themselves from threats to both their bodies and their souls. They must battle their enemies to stay true to who they have become, and to discover a place where their hearts are at peace. Perhaps hardest of all, they must find a way to forgive those who hurt them long ago.

It takes all the understanding, strength and love each member of the Ivy family and their friends can gather to overcome the emotional and physical challenges that threaten both their peace and their very lives, in this novel about many relationships: from young boys discovering their first friendship, to first love, to married couples struggling with unexpected travails, to older characters trying to right old wrongs—interwoven with the story of Saylah’s quest to comprehend and follow the dictates of her soul and her history.

An Excerpt from the Book


Amidst the soft dark movement of the water, among the green and swaying trees, Old Grandmother sat at her ancient loom.
With her gnarled and spotted hands she worked the shuttle, weaving wordless stories in the wind, weaving the water’s light, through the fine-spun warp of the sturdy loom.
Her silver head bent to her task, she watched and listened, heard the voices of Time gone and Time to come, saw the faces of the children whose colored threads, interlaced and intertwined, were caught one by one in the ever-changing patterns that she wove into the living loom.
Her back was strong, if curved from years of toil, and this her great and final task, to echo weavers of another time, to create the fabric of lives lived, through the warp and woof of the enchanted loom.
She smiled, the old woman with the knowledge of the rhythm of the waters and the stars, and wept, and wove the stories that were lifted from the loom.

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About the Author

Kathryn Lynn Davis is a New York Times, Doubleday Book Club, Washington Post & #1 Amazon best-selling novelist. She is a multiple award-winner, including the Indy’s RONE. About her novel Too Deep for Tears (#5 on the Times): “A debut so stunning it will remind you of The Far Pavilions and The Thornbirds.” (The Chicago Tribune) Her first published novel received nationwide attention when it was banned in Medora, ND, the town where it is set. She began in traditional publishing, where her first eight novels were published, including her best-seller Sing to Me of Dreams (1990). But she became frustrated and stopped writing until she discovered Indy publishing in 2013. Now, 27 years in the making, she has finally published the long awaited sequel to Sing to Me–WEAVE FOR ME A DREAM. It feels to her like a miracle. “Davis has done for the Salish of British Columbia what Tony Hillerman did for the Navajo…Sing to Me of Dreams will establish her once and for all as a major novelist.” (San Bernardino Sun) She has now published nine novels, two novellas and one short story.

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