Stephanie’s Books

Stephanie published one novel in 2011 titled The Between World. It is available for purchase on Stephanie’s Amazon Author Page in paperback or ebook format.

She has since focused her efforts on perfecting her craft and finding her path.

As of 2017, she has renewed her efforts to publish and will be sharing books and content on her blog again soon!

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The Between WorldNina Strident was content to continue a successful position in insurance sales until a near fatal car accident changed everything. Although she finds love with her handsome rescuer, their romance comes with a price and there are dire consequences for upsetting the delicate balance between his world and hers.

As Nina recovers, she slowly unravels the mystery of her family’s past and discovers that not everything is as it seems in this world or the next. The alluring stranger from her dreams is real and he’s returned to take the life that he fought so hard to save.

Will Nina accept the secrets her family keeps or will the conspiracy between worlds threaten to destroy them all?




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