Blogging A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal

BeingsWe’ve been searching for a new house for a while now. Something with a little more space for the kids would be helpful, especially as they grow older. Something with a little more storage room would be handy since I’m always running out of places to put things. I won’t be greedy and say I’d like my own office space for writing but yes, that would be an attractive feature too. We can dream.

But when it comes time to sell this house and we sit down to fill out the seller’s disclosure, an interesting question came to light – Will we have to disclose the ghosts in our attic?

If we don’t, will the home inspector come across the telltale signs of paranormal activity before the buyers sign on the dotted line?

How would you feel moving into a new home occupied by several residents that have no intention of packing their bags and going anywhere?

And more importantly, who are the ghosts in my attic?

Welcome to my Theme Reveal for the A to Z Blogging Challenge!

The challenge, quite simply, is to blog a new post each day of the month in April except for Sundays. Each day focuses on a new letter of the alphabet. There are twenty six days in April when you take away Sundays and twenty six letters in the alphabet. Perfect! We don’t have to incorporate a theme for the challenge but many do and I thought it would be fun to try.

(Curious to check out the Theme Reveal for my fellow challengers? You can find the list here.)

Okay, so maybe there aren’t really ghosts in my attic (I’ll leave that up for you to decide) but it’s fun to imagine and the kids and I have joked about them since the time they were little. I look forward to finally giving those entities names and faces.

So now, it’s time to roll out the welcome mat, open the attic door, and invite each ghost down for a cup of tea and an opportunity to tell his or her story and in the end, maybe we’ll even find out why there are so many lurking around up there.

I hope you’ll stick around and have some fun with the ghosts and me in April. We look forward to haunting you…