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I hadn’t planned on doing a Saturday blog post but under the circumstances, I think it is warranted. Author Christina McKnight has been gracious enough to feature my book on her blog, especially in light of my free promotion running this weekend.Thank you, Christina!

I highly recommend that you check out her blog HERE (it’s pretty nifty) and if you like books of the paranormal variety then make sure you follow. Her book titled “Only in Her Dreams” is scheduled for release this December.

And… if for some reason this is the first you’re hearing of my weekend promotion, check out The Between World on Amazon. You can download it free for a limited time.

Happy Weekend! Join me tomorrow for Six Sentence Sunday when I share another snippet from “Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings”.

Those Who Walk Unseen

Here is another one originally posted by me on blogger waaayy back in January of this year. (Why does that feel like a lifetime ago?) I didn’t realize how much I like this post until I recently re-read it. Maybe it’s just that I like thinking about all those unanswered questions? Even though I wrote this post in January, I’m still working on that second novel. Gosh darn it, why is it taking so long? I should have that thing published and in your hands by now, surely! 😉


Last week I wrote an entry about life existing in other parts of the universe. This is an exciting possibility. But what if we didn’t even have to leave the planet in order to find other forms of life beyond those that we’re already so familiar with finding from day-to-day? What if gates to “other worlds” really existed right in our own backyard?

Science fiction likes this idea. “Portals” take characters from one world to the next in an instant. It’s a convenient way to get around the physical limitations of building a spacecraft that will enable us to travel the universe within the astronaut’s lifetime.

I’ve always had a fascination with the “unseen” and the possibilities that could exist. Have you ever seen a ghost? Some claim they have. Is it so improbable that the energy that makes up our existence could not echo even long after our earthly form has turned to dust? Do ghosts have the capability for rational thought and control over their own actions? Maybe. Maybe not. Why are some of us more sensitive to this energy than others? And anyway, what really happens when we die?

So let’s assume we don’t want to accept that ‘ghosts’ are some remnant of human life. What if, instead, we choose to believe that there is essentially a world of beings that can walk in our world unseen? Maybe they keep trying to contact us but for whatever reason, our minds are closed to their existence and we continue to look the other way?

Surely, there will be a few of us that come into contact with these beings even if later we question our sanity. Maybe some of us believe that our lives were touched by the intervention of a guardian angel that watches over us? I like to think that we are all interconnected in ways that we can’t begin to understand and there is a lot to our world that remains unseen. The rest of you probably just think I’m a little loony. That’s okay, too.

However, if you’ve read my book, you already know this is a premise that I love to explore. Yalen comes from a world that exists in tangent with our own but that we aren’t the least bit aware of … except for those rare exceptions. I had a lot of fun thinking about new possibilities for guardian angels. My next book will have some fun with demons.

What do you think about the concept of life existing unseen amongst our own?


The Beginning of Between World

If you aren’t already aware, my first novel The Between World was published in September 2011. To celebrate this exciting milestone, I wrote a blog post introducing readers to the story behind the story. This is another of my favorite posts that I’m dragging across from my old blog and sharing anew. I hope you enjoy the glimpse into what started it all.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Six Sentence Sunday when I will share another snippet of the current WIP, Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings.



I’m looking forward to September with its promise of rainy days and colorful leaves. Kids go back to school, pools across Pennsylvania will close, and we welcome days with lower humidity and cooler temps. I have another, more personal, reason to embrace the unofficial doorway into fall. September is the month I am scheduled to release my first novel titled “The Between World”.

It’s a project over a year in the making that started innocently as a short story I wrote for a contest. The contest challenged us to “write a story about an organization that rescues people. The catch is their organization is a secret and must stay a secret. The leader of the organization starts to care for a bystander. Will this put their organization in danger?”

I brainstormed about the possibilities starting with all the ordinary rescue organizations I could think of … police, firefighters, EMS, etc… but all of those didn’t exactly fit the criteria of being secret. Then one evening as I went to sleep thinking about anything other than the contest an image popped into my mind. His name was Yalen and he worked for a very special organization called The Guardian Angel Rescue Group. Apparently, even Guardian Angels need a little help every now and then.

When I woke the next morning, Yalen was still on my mind and so was his damsel in distress, the beautiful human girl named Nina who wandered aimlessly through her life not knowing that love lurked in the most unlikely of places. It took a near fatal car accident to put the two together and voila, we had sparks. Yalen had no place intervening in Nina’s rescue but he couldn’t pull himself away from her. This ruffled quite a few feathers in Between World by those who believed that Yalen’s actions put their organization at risk. All worlds exist in a fragile balance and one tip of the scales could have dire consequences for us all.

An unusual idea? Perhaps. I won the contest and maybe I should have been content enough with that and moved on to other writing projects. Not so easy. Yalen and Nina wouldn’t let me go. I played around with ideas to expand the short story into a novel and used November’s Nanowrimo as a springboard to develop the story.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2011. I scratched my Nanowrimo attempt and went back to square one by plotting and outlining on twenty-eight index cards until I finally had a proper beginning, middle, and end. Then I started all over again with chapter one.

Now after a lot of writing and rewriting, it is my hope that you will enjoy reading Nina and Yalen’s journey just as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


If you are interested in purchasing The Between World, please visit “My Books” to learn more…