Tuesday Photos – Purple Blooms

I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania. If you have never visited the area, I highly recommend it, doubly so if like me, you enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. Because I love to spend time outside, because I am constantly amazed at how beautiful PA is, and because I have to post something in this blog, I am dedicating Tuesdays to my recent favorite photos.

As my first photo post, it’s hard to choose! After much deliberation, I finally settled on sharing these two. Both were taken in May of this year when the woods were really just starting to bloom. My son and I took a walk through the woods before school and fell in love with all those purple flowers. I love his smile as he poses for the camera amongst them. As it had rained recently, if you look closely, you’ll see rain drops on the close-up photo.

I never get bored looking at these sort of photos … and I hope you don’t either!

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