Happy Six Years Reconstruction

MagicianAccording to wordpress, today is my blog’s 6th anniversary. Yes, believe it or not, this blog has been in existence for six whole years! I know, as the blog’s owner, I should be the least surprised by this revelation but since we all know that I do not post very often, I guess it’s easy for me to forget just how long I’ve been doing this writing thing.

Six years…

Wow. Time flies. Although it may appear as though I haven’t been doing much of anything in the past year, that’s actually far from true. I’m happy to say that I’ve been rather successful and I’ve learned a heck of a lot. I took the time away to experiment with a different genre under a pen name. I liked it. A lot.

That being said, you’re probably wondering why I’m back now? A couple of times along the way I considered giving up ever writing as Stephanie again, choosing to adopt my new identity wholeheartedly and run with it. If you measure success in writing by how much money you make then this is clearly the logical option. However, I happen to believe that it’s not just about the money.

But like I said, I learned a lot. I plan to put to good use what I learned, continue to write what I love, and hopefully marry the two worlds I created into one successful career that I can be proud to say is mine. I’m not giving up on the other stuff by far. I simply intend to scale back a bit in order to carve out time for Stephanie’s stories.

First things first… I’m making updates. I’m brushing away the cobwebs on this blog, I’m reestablishing connections on social media, and most importantly, I’m writing again! My first story is in the works and with the kids back to school, I have no excuses not to sit down and get things done. So, here we go.

Let the magic begin!

Oh, and did I mention my new work-in-progress features a magician? 🙂

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