My Favorite Things

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As I sit down to write this morning, Janet works her way around my floors picking up dirt, dust, and dog hair. And there is certainly a lot of dog hair! Janet isn’t actually a person, although we’ve named her as one. She is, however, one of my favorite things. Janet is our robotic vacuum and if you’ve ever watched The Good Place on Netflix you’ll make the connection with the name. (ha ha) We decided to take the leap to purchasing a robotic vacuum in November when trying to keep up with the never-ending shedding of our one year-old lab, Daisy, became too overwhelming. I’ve never looked back since. Janet has been a very welcome addition to our home and finally, the dog hair is manageable without my having to spend hours cleaning. Yay! 🙂

But Janet is just one of my many favorite things. Spending time with my family definitely tops that list but then there are the long walks in the woods – we love to explore, campfires in the summertime, music, quiet romantic dinners with the husband when the kids are otherwise occupied, tasty chocolate treats, reading or writing stories, doing Mad Libs (I’m silly, I know), laughing, listening to music…

And guinea pigs! What would life be without a guinea pig? Or six? Yes, our family owns six of the furry little creatures. I suppose guinea pigs are sort of like potato chips – you simply can’t have just one.

I love taking pictures of flowers, which you already know if you follow me on Instagram, and although I may not be the world’s best dancer, dancing makes the list, too, even if I’m only dancing in my living room these days.

Last but not least, I love my kindle. I couldn’t pass a day without it. I know, I know, many you you believe that there is no substitute for real books and I agree there is something magical about flipping the pages but how can you not appreciate being able to carry an entire library wherever you go? No matter what I may be in the mood to read… there it is!

Thanks for reading! I’m new to the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge but hoping to become a regular face over the coming weeks. Looking forward to sharing more.

27 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. lydiaschoch says:

    Welcome to the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge!

    I love the fact that you named your robot vacuum cleaner after Janet from The Good Place! Wasn’t that a fabulous show?

    Your guinea pigs are very cute.

    My post.

    • Stephanie Ingram says:

      Thank you, Marianne! I’m sorry to hear your husband isn’t a fan of piggies. Having two shedding dogs, I bet you would really love a robotic vacuum.

      I enjoyed (and commented on) your post, too. 🙂

  2. Judy Thomas (@JudyT) says:

    Welcome! I love our robotic cleaner as well… one of my granddaughters named her “Diamond” and she certainly is that. She’s freed up so much time and keeps the house looking presentable.

    I had a guinea pig growing up… my kids had hamsters. I loved them except for cleaning out the cages.. lol

    • Stephanie Ingram says:

      Thanks, Judy! Diamond is a great name for your robotic vacuum. Very suitable, I’m sure!

      I had hamsters growing up. They are super cute and cuddly, too, but yes, cleaning out the cages for both hamsters and guinea pigs is definitely not the fun part. lol

  3. Patrick Prescott says:

    My sister used to have Guinea Pigs as pets. A robotic cleaner is on my list of things to buy, after reading your post it’s moving up the list.

  4. Aymee says:

    Hahaha… I love that your robot vacuum is named Janet. When I first used my immersion circulator, I had to name it in the app so it’s called Trish. Because why not?

    A good friend of mine had Guinea pigs and they were always so sweet and fun.

    I used to be one of those people and then I developed carpal tunnel. When reading causes you pain, you find another way to do it, right? E-readers (I have both a Kindle and a Kobo) are the best things ever.

    My post

    • Stephanie Ingram says:

      Hi! Thanks! Yes, guinea pigs are such wonderful creatures – so calm, curious, and sweet. I feel like everyone needs a guinea pig in his or her life. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying your robotic vacuum, too!

      I enjoyed your post (and commented on it earlier as well).

  5. morganlech says:

    Man, maybe I need to get myself a “Janet” too, haha. I have kitty litter that gets outside of the mat and so sweeping it up every day isn’t fun. I also love my kindle too. My hubby got me one for Christmas and it’s been so nice on my sensitive eyes. Great post!

    • Stephanie Ingram says:

      Thanks! Yes, I highly recommend a Janet to everyone. It would be perfect for picking up spilled kitty litter, which I am sure is no fun to step on. (I had a cat for almost 18 years and was surprised how far the litter managed to travel through the house. lol) Glad you’re enjoying your kindle, too. 🙂

  6. Michael Mock says:

    This is a really great list! I’m not sure how well a robotic vacuum would function in our house, but even if it confined itself to one room it would still be a help. Family and campfires and married-dates are all wonderful, too. I’ve never had guinea pigs (though I did have a pet mouse for a little bit), but they sound delightful. And I, too, am a fan of the Magic Book That Is Made Up Of Other, Smaller Books And Lets You Read Any Of Them.

    My answers are here.

    • Stephanie Ingram says:

      Our robotic vacuum creates a map of our house so that we can set up no-go zones on the app or partition off sections so that we only clean where we want when we want it. That was a lifesaver when we needed to work around the Christmas trees!

      Mice make great pets, too! I had two when I was younger named Hickory and Dickory. lol I also had a rat named Simon who was one of the best companions ever. Our rodent friends get a bad rap sometimes but they can be amazing friends. 🙂

    • Stephanie Ingram says:

      Thanks, Megan! That’s funny. 🙂 My dog is sort of afraid to approach it but every once in a while she tries to engage in play. I think she’s still trying to figure out what Janet is all about.

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