Six Sentence Sunday – Despite the Voices in my Head

You know those pesky voices in your head? (Or is that just me?) Every week we seem to share the same conversation.

First, they tell me, “Let’s not do Six Sentence Sunday this week. We need time to delve into this new story before we share snippets with the world.”

I always laugh and say okay but then by about Thursday or Friday, I say, “Well, I didn’t manage to post much on my blog this week so it’s an easy way to get something fresh out there. I’m going to do Six Sentence Sunday again.”

The voices in my head sigh and roll their eyes. “Yeah, yeah, you always say it’s easy but just you wait until you open up your word document and actually try to pick out six sentences that are worth sharing.”

“It will be fine,” I assure the voices.

Then I open up Word. What I expect will take me about five minutes to choose, copy, paste, and schedule for Sunday, actually takes me half the day. Okay, maybe not that long … but the voices had a point. Choosing just six sentences is really, really tough. I admire all those that manage to do it every week and still kind of make sense too.

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I’ve agonized over it long enough. This is my six, take it or leave it. It comes from my current work-in-progress that is still untitled. Sarah and Nathanial share a special, but unusual bond. She’s drawn to him in ways that she can’t begin to explain but yet, she knows he is dangerous. What is it that she finds so alluring about being with him?


“I have on many occasions sampled the blood that pours through your veins,” he admitted at last. She shuddered again but he ignored this as he gently kissed her lips.

“I still have questions,” she whispered as his breath caressed her cheeks.

“There is time.”

“My grandmother, she needs me.” She tried to push him away but he caught her shoulders and kept her firmly rooted in the chair.


That’s it for me and my supersonic six for this sunny Sunday. If you want more, you’re just going to have to return next Sunday. Hopefully the voices in my head won’t have succeeded in talking me out of it by then.