Six Sentence Sunday – Naked Problems

This is an exceptionally exciting Six Sentence Sunday for me because not only do I offer you six sentences today, but I’m offering you the whole book this week! It doesn’t get much better than that.

First things first, to see a list of all the Six Sunday participants, click HERE. You won’t be disappointed.

And of course, I couldn’t leave you without six sentences from Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings.

Brianna just wants love and happily ever after, but of course it isn’t going to be that simple. Along the way she will have to endure ghosts and learning the secrets of a family curse…


“What’s going on?” His forehead creased in concern. Apparently it had never occurred to him before that she might have a life of her own that didn’t involve being naked with him. She squirmed in her seat wishing she hadn’t thought about being naked. After all, Jake was dead in her apartment, an apartment that just went up in a puff of smoke. That was a bigger problem than the gooey mushy feeling of her insides every time she looked at Dan.


Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings is making its way onto Amazon as we speak. Click HERE  to purchase the paperback. I’ll supply the kindle link soon! In the meantime, be sure to enter the giveaway on Goodreads HERE for your chance to win a copy.

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Sunday Snippet – Boyfriends That Won’t Stay Dead

I didn’t get around to signing up on the official Six Sentence Sunday website but being the kind, generous soul that I am, I couldn’t let the day pass without coming back to share a snippet of the forever-work-in-progress.

I’m pretty excited about this because I’m finally … yes finally … getting ready to release my new novel to the world. (It sure has been a roller coaster of a ride though, hasn’t it?) The title won’t change, after all, so sorry for any confusion last week’s post may have caused. The actual release date is still to-be-determined but when I know, you will know!

cover image

So on to my snippet. Since I’m not officially a six-sentence participant, I’m cheating a bit and adding a few extra sentences. Shhh… don’t tell anyone.


“Relax,” Dan said reaching out and stroking her arms from across the small table, “There isn’t anyone or any thing that I can’t take care of. As long as you’re with me, he wouldn’t dare cross that line.”

“That doesn’t even make sense, Dan. Doesn’t it even seem the least bit odd to you that my dead ex-boyfriend came back from the grave?”

“Well, it is an inconvenience, I suppose.”

“An inconvenience? It’s a lot more than an inconvenience! These sorts of things just don’t happen. They don’t happen to normal people. Why the hell do they keep happening to me?”

“I think you’re going to need another one of these,” Dan said picking up her empty glass and motioning for the bar attendant.


Thanks for taking the time to visit my little blog. Happy Reading!


Six Sentence Sunday – Back at It

I haven’t been around in a while. Did you miss me? (Of course you did. Silly question.)

Nanowrimo just about did me in but I finished it and made it to 50K without hurting myself or anyone else in the process so it’s all good. Now that I’ve just about recovered, I figured I’d jump back into the blog on my favorite posting day … Six Sentence Sunday!

Yes, friends, it’s that magical time again when I torture you with six sentences of something. There are lots of us participating in the madness so if you want to sample some of what others bring to the table, then be sure to click here for the official list.

But wait! Before you go … Don’t forget to read my offering. It will only hurt for a minute. I promise.

And just what shall I share this week? Well, let’s see. I have some good news. I’m finally getting around to putting the finishing touches on the story formally known as Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings. This story is back new and improved slapped with a shiny new title and cover. I’m calling it Dating and Divining nowadays (but whether or not this sticks is yet to be determined). Release is just around the corner so I’ll have more news soon.

My six puts you right back in the middle of life with our good friend Brianna Halloway. This girl has guy problems of supernatural proportions.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said with a smile that revealed perfectly white teeth. There wasn’t a hair on his head that was out of place, as if he’d just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. As a matter of fact, she thought, he bared a striking resemblance to the man on the cover of the romance novel she’d just finished reading. She looked at the cover again and back to the man who still watched her curiously and shook her head to clear such strange thoughts. It couldn’t be.

“It’s okay,” she said trying to find her voice, “I was just leaving.”


I will return soon with details on the release of the book and how you can read more than six sentences at a time. But if you’re really crazy about those six sentence snippets then come back next Sunday for another sneak peek…

Six Sentence Sunday – What Kind of Kidnapper Are You?

The funny thing about November and Nanowrimo is that the days keep passing whether we sit down to write or not. This post finds us already eleven days into the challenge of writing 50,000 words in only 30 days. We’re almost at the halfway point! I’ve never struggled to write that many words in the past so this year I wanted to mix things up a bit and challenge myself to write 72,500 words – or about 2,500 words per day, minus Thanksgiving.

Is it working? Well, not so much. I mean, I’m managing to stay afloat but it’s more taxing than I’d banked on and some days I produce over 4,000 words while other days I spend more time staring at the computer than I actually spend writing. But heck, that’s what Nanowrimo is all about, right?

By the 30th, I’ll have more than 50,000 words. I’ll be a Nanowrimo winner as far as the official challenge is concerned. Will I step up to the plate and answer my own challenge to write 72,500? Well, probably not … but it’s early days yet so we’ll see.

In the meantime, it’s one of our favorite days of the week – Six Sentence Sunday! And without exception, I have returned to share a snippet of my madness. Cassie, our 17 year-old runaway, has found herself mixed up with a potentially dangerous fugitive named Ben that kidnapped her in order to ensure a passage across the country to find the girl that might be able to save him from a bleak fate. Cassie has no reason to trust or to like her kidnapper but she finds herself drawn to him…


She knew she shouldn’t care about him, especially under the circumstances, and she hadn’t known him long enough to think of him as anything other than a monster, but still, she just couldn’t bring herself to believe it. She wanted to know why she sat there with him in this moment because whatever that reason may have been, it felt somehow pre-ordained.

“How will you get your guarantee?” she whispered. He looked at her for a long time and a strange understanding passed between them that she couldn’t put into words.

“I don’t know yet.”

“What kind of kidnapper are you?”


According to spell check, “pre-ordained” is not actually a word. Hmmm… Really? Have I gone that crazy already?

At any rate, whatever sort of kidnapper Ben may be, it’s clear that things will get shaken up a bit for both of them this November, even if I have to make up lots of new words to do it.

Thanks for stopping by and sampling my six. Be sure to hop over to the main Six Sentence Sunday website and check out the other participants as well.

Until we meet again…

Six Sentence Sunday – Teen Angst and Nanowrimo

Happy Six Sentence Sunday and look, it’s day four of Nanowrimo and I’m still pretty much sane and speaking coherently. (Enjoy it now because it won’t last.) Best of all, I’ve managed to scoot over to my blog to share with you a snippet of this crazy work-in-progress in honor of Six Sentence Sunday.

In typical fashion, I approached Nanowrimo with no plan, only my love of writing and my desire to produce at least 50,000 words in a single month. Where I lack in plot, I make up for in enthusiasm (and maybe even a little bit of creativity? Or is that craziness? Who knows.) But I sure have fun with it and that’s the main thing. I always say that the rest of the year is for serious writing and November is just for letting loose and seeing where it takes me. I don’t plan to change that.

Since I seem to toggle between semi-serious stories and downright comical and I did a pretty lighthearted story last year, it was time to change gears and go for serious this year. I had this idea a while ago inspired by an REM song. For some reason, I like the characters and I felt compelled to follow them to wherever they may lead me. I’ve never ventured into young adult territory before but this year I might cross that border and see how it fits. But what it is or where it ends up is all yet to be determined. Still early days yet…

So, let’s keep in mind that Nanowrimo is about plugging away and racking up the word count even if that means sacrificing quality for the time being. I’ve tightly restrained inner editor in the dungeon until December so take this with a grain of salt.

Cassie is a 17 year-old with all the usual teen angst that comes with the age. It’s August and senior year looms ahead with responsibilities and choices in deciding what to do after high school. If that wasn’t daunting enough, things are not going well at home. Mom and Dad are getting a divorce and Cassie is getting caught up in the middle…


By the time evening came, she lingered outside in Mike’s car as long as she could reluctant to go back into the house that had started to feel more like a prison than a safe haven. Mike held her hand and watched her, no doubt trying to read the expression in her eyes.

“We should run away together,” she said at last breaking the silence between them. Mike inhaled sharply but didn’t respond right away. She stopped staring at the drape covered curtains hiding the shadows that moved within the walls and looked back at him.

“It’s going to get better, Cass, I promise.”


Be sure to hop on over to the official Six Sentence Sunday website to check out the other writers. I would venture to guess than more than a few of us are posting our latest and greatest from Nanowrimo this month. Is that a good thing? I sure hope so. 🙂