Sunday Snippet – Boyfriends That Won’t Stay Dead

I didn’t get around to signing up on the official Six Sentence Sunday website but being the kind, generous soul that I am, I couldn’t let the day pass without coming back to share a snippet of the forever-work-in-progress.

I’m pretty excited about this because I’m finally … yes finally … getting ready to release my new novel to the world. (It sure has been a roller coaster of a ride though, hasn’t it?) The title won’t change, after all, so sorry for any confusion last week’s post may have caused. The actual release date is still to-be-determined but when I know, you will know!

cover image

So on to my snippet. Since I’m not officially a six-sentence participant, I’m cheating a bit and adding a few extra sentences. Shhh… don’t tell anyone.


“Relax,” Dan said reaching out and stroking her arms from across the small table, “There isn’t anyone or any thing that I can’t take care of. As long as you’re with me, he wouldn’t dare cross that line.”

“That doesn’t even make sense, Dan. Doesn’t it even seem the least bit odd to you that my dead ex-boyfriend came back from the grave?”

“Well, it is an inconvenience, I suppose.”

“An inconvenience? It’s a lot more than an inconvenience! These sorts of things just don’t happen. They don’t happen to normal people. Why the hell do they keep happening to me?”

“I think you’re going to need another one of these,” Dan said picking up her empty glass and motioning for the bar attendant.


Thanks for taking the time to visit my little blog. Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Snippet – Boyfriends That Won’t Stay Dead

  1. don says:

    Yes that would indeed be an inconvenience on so many levels. I like it and am looking forward to reading the entire story when it is published. 🙂

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