Six Sentence Sunday #6 (Ghosts)

As if I needed another reminder of how quickly time flies, I have Six Sentence Sunday. I almost forgot to sign up for it this week… that’s how behind I am. It feels as though I just combed my work-in-progress in order to come up with six sentences to share and here it is time to do it all again.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I love sharing my six as much as I love poking around to see what my fellow participants are up to. Be sure to visit the official site and check them out HERE.

Last week I changed gears from the WIP I’d been sharing to something completely new and not very developed. I am excited how well received that new work has been and I’m happy to say that I have it pegged as my September project. I’ll be able to focus all my time and attention to it once the  minions are back in school and I’ll have plenty more to share then.

For the moment? Well, I’ve got some good news. That manuscript that I’d finished and nearly dumped has found new life. Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings has undergone some serious overhaul during the week and if all continues to go well, I’m expecting a September release for sure. (It’s been touch-and-go for a while.) If you’re curious what this story is about, check out the ten questions I answered about it in my previous post titled “The Next Best Thing Challenge”. Since this is the manuscript getting all my attention right now, this is where I will pull my six over the next several weeks.

Without further ado, I leave you with another tense interaction between Brianna (my main character) and Greer. Greer has been adamant that under no conditions can Brianna go through with marrying Dan or she’ll ruin more lives than just her own. She’s trying to believe him but Dan just seems too perfect to let go…


“How do I know that I can really trust you?” she asked him, the conversation she had with Dan still fresh in her mind. Dan had made a good point and the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to believe that she could melt into his arms with no fear of putting the entire world in jeopardy by simply being happy.

Greer said nothing. His form simply wavered and returned like the flame of a candle threatening to go out, making him seem fragile.

“You don’t,” he said, “so if you have something on your mind that you need to tell me then why don’t you just say it?”


Can’t wait to read this book? Add it to your Goodreads shelf today! (pretty, pretty please??) 🙂

10 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #6 (Ghosts)

    • stephanieingramauthor says:

      Thanks, Mae! There’s always more than meets the eye though, eh? Brianna doesn’t know who she can trust anymore.

  1. M.L. Falconer says:

    Here I am, responding from beautiful McCall, Idaho with my dumbphone. My service here is erratic, so we will see if this post goes through. It can be very difficult making it work. 😉

    I’m falling in love with your writing with every Six you post. ill add it to goodreads as soon as I get to a town that provides more reliable service than the cabin. 😉

    • stephanieingramauthor says:

      Hi, M.L. Thanks for taking the time to comment, even with limited internet service. That is so sweet and I appreciate it. 🙂 Thanks so much. I’m glad that you’re enjoying my writing and planning to add my book to your Goodreads list as well. Yay!

      Have fun at the cabin!

    • stephanieingramauthor says:

      Thanks, Sondrae! I’ll have to hop over and check out your six this week as well. Glad you managed to remember too. So much to do and so little time! 🙂

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