Six Sentence Sunday – Is it getting hot in here?

Hey, you! Yeah, you … psst… come over here. I’ve got something to share with you.

No, no, not that. Look again.

You got it! It’s Six Sentence Sunday! It’s that time of the week when yours truly and a whole host of other brilliant authors share a snippet of their latest and greatest. I love taking part in this as much as I love hopping around the other blogs to see what others are sharing. It’s fun. What? Don’t believe me? Try it and see ….

Before you click and run, here go my six of the week. I’m chopping this from my (still) untitled work-in-progress. I’m still in the early stages of writing this one but I like it so much that it’s fun to let little glimpses sneak out into the world. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Setting the stage – Sarah has just come back from grabbing a few things at the grocery store to find that her new neighbor has stopped by for unexpected visit…


“Sarah, please join us in the living room. It’s so rude to stand there talking in the doorway where I can’t even see you,” her grandmother interrupted. Sarah excused herself to put the bags in the kitchen and Nathanial offered to help. She agreed reluctantly. Every time his hand brushed her body, she felt the same ignition. If she did not manage to put distance between herself and the man soon, she feared she would burst into flames.


Alright, you’ve seen enough. Now, off you go.

Happy clicking!

6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – Is it getting hot in here?

    • stephanieingramauthor says:

      You could be right. It’s not actually the first time she’s met him, if that helps? It’s still a work-in-progress though so nothing is set in stone. Thanks! 🙂

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