Six Sentence Sunday – I Have No Sympathy

It’s that time again … If you’ve taken the time to click on my blog then there is likely only one reason you’re here. You want to see my six.

Lucky for you, I’ve got six.

My current work-in-progress has hit a brick wall for the moment and still stands without a title. However, when I left you last Sunday, I did so with a promise that I’d return with an introduction to the third player in Nathanial and Sarah’s strange love triangle. Sarah may not remember much from her past but there are two mysterious men that have shown up in her life, both claiming to have a history with her. The second man we meet is Max and as you’ll see from the brief interaction pasted below, Max is holding a grudge…


“All I remember are bits and pieces of my childhood. There is an entire chunk of my life that was torn away from me and I don’t even know why.”

“Why? I will tell you why!” he shouted at her, “Because you are a selfish fool that risked us all for your own gratification! That’s why. I have no sympathy for you.”


Ouch, Max! Is this really the way to win a girl’s heart? Hmmm… we shall see. If nothing else, Max will certainly shake things up a bit for her.

Thanks for checking out my six. Now hop on over to the official website HERE and check out some of the other great participants in the Six Sentence Sunday fun.

Until we meet again…

4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – I Have No Sympathy

  1. cindydwyer says:

    I think Max needs a little less coffee in the morning. Or maybe a little more? 🙂

    As for titles, in my opinion those are the hardest words in the entire manuscript – good luck!

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