Happy Spring!

springThis morning I looked out the window and decided the world is a giant funnel cake covered in powdered sugar.

It could be that I was kind of hungry for funnel cake at the time, but despite the fact that we woke up to a snow-covered ground, we welcome spring with open arms.

Birds are singing. (Kind of) The daffodils are already sprouting. (Really, they were under there somewhere) Monday I have grand plans to start running at the park again. I know Mother Nature is laughing at that idea.

For what it’s worth, the snow that fell this morning has already melted and even though the temperatures may not be very warm, brighter days are ahead.

Stay tuned for my Theme Reveal posting on Monday for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, a new ebook that will emerge from that challenge, and a full length novel soon after.

And most of all, Enjoy Spring! 🙂



One thought on “Happy Spring!

  1. donspen says:

    Ah Spring, we had snow and high winds on the first day of spring! I am sure it is on its way. Remember to start slow when picking up your running again. – Me I would pull a groin thinking about running!

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