For the Love of Food

Mmmm... food. There is such variety and creativity that can go into making a meal. It's no wonder so many of life's important occasions center around it. This month we celebrate Valentines Day and some of you may have romance on your mind. What is your favorite meal to share with the one you love? Is … Continue reading For the Love of Food


Happy Spring!

This morning I looked out the window and decided the world is a giant funnel cake covered in powdered sugar. It could be that I was kind of hungry for funnel cake at the time, but despite the fact that we woke up to a snow-covered ground, we welcome spring with open arms. Birds are … Continue reading Happy Spring!

In Return

One of my favorite poems comes from the author Wendell Berry. I first discovered it in Narada's CD collection called "Earth Songs". In the CD's insert, each of the songs is inspired by a poem which the creators share along with what it was about that poem that inspired them to write the music. Both … Continue reading In Return