Traveling Back in Time… to Meet Aliens? #MFRWAuthor

Over Christmas my brother told me about a man who claims to be a time traveler. According to him, we are going to meet real life aliens … this month. Crazy, right? And maybe just a tad terrifying if you’re like me and aliens have been a source of anxiety since you were a kid.

Welcome to week two of the blog challenge. This week we’re taking a step back (okay, maybe a few steps back) into childhood in order to reminisce.

Ah, the fun of summer nights sat around the crackling campfire. It was always one of my favorite ways to pass the time. My family was big on camping regularly and every once in a while, if my parents needed a weekend away from us (shocking), my brother and I would spend a weekend at the campground with my grandparents. I remember one particular star-filled evening as Pap Pap enjoyed a beer and the rest of us made mountain pies when I looked up into the sky and wondered “What if?” I was maybe 11 at the time and the question had been weighing on my mind a lot and was the source of many nightmares. Sitting out under the open sky, admittedly, invoked a sense of anxiety. We were having fun… but weren’t we vulnerable? I’d heard too many horrific tales of alien abduction to want to take my chances.

I mentioned my concerns to Grandma and Pap Pap. Pap Pap laughed, leaned back in his chair and said to me, “If aliens come down, I’ll just offer them a beer.”

Fair enough, I thought. Why should any of us be so afraid of the unknown? Maybe this alien thing wasn’t all about kidnapping, probing, and leaving mysterious crop circle messages in our corn fields?

During another camping trip, this time with my parents, I came across a girl slightly younger than I was at the time. She claimed to be from another planet. (What kid doesn’t at some point though, right?) I didn’t believe her but she intrigued me so we played together anyway. She decided she liked me and by the end of the day, she decided to initiate me into her ‘world’. I shrugged and figured why not? I lay against a large boulder while she muttered gibberish and pressed stones into my skin in order to turn me into whatever she claimed to be. I never truly believed I was different after her initiation but looking back, I can’t help but wonder if this explains a lot. (ha)

My brother and I once insisted we saw spaceships flying between the trees behind our house and disappearing underground. I grew up in an area that had at one time been used for strip mining coal. Behind our house was a field that had mostly overgrown except for patches of thick, black coal dust where nothing grew. (Incidentally, for a kid, coal dust makes a great substitute for a sandbox. Trust me kids, your parents won’t agree!)

We watched the alien spacecraft disappear into what we assumed was a tunnel network underground – doing who knows what – and couldn’t believe that no one else witnessed this amazing event!  Keeping an eye on things kept us out of trouble for days until finally, we got bored and conceded that maybe, just maybe, there really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary going on out there.

They say it’s a good idea to write what scares you. I’ve always thought aliens would make a wealth of story ideas for me in that case because I have a long history of fears and pretend encounters to draw from. Perhaps one of these days I will delve a little deeper and turn those memories into a short story? You never know.

As for the time traveler, that’s a pretty far-fetched idea. I’m not sure I’m ready to believe it’s possible but I did a little googling and found this blog post about the guy making this claim and his predictions for our alien visit this month. I figured you might want to keep a cold beer ready… just in case…

What do you think? Is there life out there somewhere? Do you think we will meet?

Thanks for traveling back in time with me and reliving some crazy childhood memories. If you would like to see what others are remembering, make sure you visit the MFRW website and check them out!

By the way, the photo at the top of my post comes from Amazon. The backpack is currently unavailable but here’s the link in case you want to keep an eye for it when it comes back in stock. 🙂 I thought it was pretty cute. AMAZON

Is there Life?

Cute Green Alien Flying a UFO Clipart Illustration

Is there life on other planets? Is there life on this blog? Well, I’m not so sure about the blog, but the likelihood of life somewhere in the universe seems probable.

It always comes back to the aliens. I like aliens.

I read an article a while back that scientists had actually found proof of life somewhere out there, although the fact that this didn’t become bigger news makes me a little skeptical of the claim. Then again, I read another article more recently suggesting that while scientists believe life exists, they have little tangible proof yet. This seems more likely. What do you think?

If you’re interested in joining the debate, try this. I got a chuckle out of the member that suggested we need to find a new planet to inhabit because we’ve screwed up our own. So ummm… we’re going to all the trouble to seek out a fresh planet full of life so that we can take over, dominate, and screw that one up too? Wow, it must be true that history continues to repeat itself. Are we really such needy and controlling creatures that we must take everything new as our own? I hope it wouldn’t come to that but I wonder.

There are probably countless novels written with this scenario in mind, although I haven’t actually read one. Please feel free to add your suggestions. I’m always looking for something new to read.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the discovery of life on other planets and a fascination that began as a child. Back then, I was terrified that aliens were going to abduct me from my bed as I slept. (I guess I watched one too many of those spooky alien programs.) It took a very cool Pap Pap to help put things into perspective for me. As my brother and I sat around the campfire with my grandparents one night and I voiced my on-going concerns about alien invasions, I asked my Pap Pap what he would do if an alien walked up to us at that very moment.

“Offer him a beer!” he exclaimed without hesitation.

That carefree and kind attitude surprised me (although it shouldn’t have coming from my Pap Pap) and it’s stuck with me.

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday Photos – Sharing Summer Fun

Over the weekend, we finally went camping. It was a long overdue getaway due to about a million other things going on this summer, but if you know anything about me at all, you know that I love camping so I was eager for it. I haven’t posted Tuesday Photos in a while so it seemed logical that I should stop by and share our most recent excursion with you. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed living the moments…

First of all, no trip down memory lane would be complete with a photo of the campsite… The tent is brand new. Don’t you love it? I do too although we soon discovered that they just don’t make them like they used to. I bought my previous tent in 1998 and it lasted me thirteen years. It had nice, sturdy metal pools to actually hold the thing up. The new tent, while light and roomy, has very flimsy pools that we don’t suspect will last very long. Just to prove our point, one of the rain fly pools already snapped while we were taking it down. Ah well, what can you do, right? Hopefully Coleman will be kind enough to replace it free of charge. After all, it’s only the first time we’ve used the tent and we were being very careful.

(My little doggie friend looks so lost and lonely in this photo!)


I love trees. Here we see the sun trying to peek through the tops. Saturday it struggled to show itself through the clouds so these rare glimpses were worth photographing.


These puffy things always signal late summer / early fall to me, kind of like seeing fat, fuzzy caterpillars. I don’t know what they’re called but I think they’re pretty.


A view of the quiet lake during late day. I love the way the water reflects the trees. And wow, look at all those clouds. I am happy to report, however, that it didn’t rain a drop on us all weekend.


Last but not least, I include this photo from a hike through the woods. Those big, beautiful trees beckon me…
Thanks for stopping by and sharing the adventures. Be sure to check back tomorrow to share a different kind of adventure. I will be posting a sneak peek into the new novel Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings. It is your chance to read all of chapter one before the official book release in September!

Summer Lovin’ – Be Back Soon…

As much as I love to participate in Six Sentence Sunday and share snippets of my latest and greatest, this week I must pass. Summer days will soon be a distant memory so we’re making the most of them while we still can. Imagine me in this moment sitting around a campfire, maybe enjoying a pizza mountain pie, and looking out at all the trees around me. Hopefully I’m having fun and hopefully the family isn’t making me too crazy. I’ll be back to regular posting soon, including those fun six sentence snippets on Sundays. After all, the start of school is just around the corner.

Until then… Happy Summer!


Tuesday Photos – Camping Fun

Camping has always been one of my favorite summer activities. There are so many beautiful state parks in Pennsylvania to choose from that it’s impossible to pinpoint a favorite. This year we haven’t made our way out on a family adventure just yet but in light of the upcoming holiday, I have been reminiscing about the fun we had last year in July. I decided to share a few photos from that camping trip with you today.

We didn’t escape the heat and humidity but we found that taking walks during the evening was ideal. I love the way the sunshine filters through the trees as we walk along the path in a fairly empty campground. Most others had packed up to go back to work and life during the week.

The following morning we hiked along a more secluded trail through the woods. Along the stream, we found these pretty red flowers.

A little bridge takes us over the stream where we continue to explore.

Beautiful sunset on the drive home.

Hope everyone has a happy, fun, safe Fourth of July holiday!