Tuesday Photos – Camping Fun

Camping has always been one of my favorite summer activities. There are so many beautiful state parks in Pennsylvania to choose from that it’s impossible to pinpoint a favorite. This year we haven’t made our way out on a family adventure just yet but in light of the upcoming holiday, I have been reminiscing about the fun we had last year in July. I decided to share a few photos from that camping trip with you today.

We didn’t escape the heat and humidity but we found that taking walks during the evening was ideal. I love the way the sunshine filters through the trees as we walk along the path in a fairly empty campground. Most others had packed up to go back to work and life during the week.

The following morning we hiked along a more secluded trail through the woods. Along the stream, we found these pretty red flowers.

A little bridge takes us over the stream where we continue to explore.

Beautiful sunset on the drive home.

Hope everyone has a happy, fun, safe Fourth of July holiday!


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Photos – Camping Fun

    • stephanieingramauthor says:

      Thank you. It really was a lot of fun. We would have liked to have stayed longer but the kids didn’t get much sleep in the tent and we were suffering with the heat. Next time. 🙂

    • stephanieingramauthor says:

      You are much too kind, Charron, but thank you. I really appreciate the compliment on my photos. 🙂 Sometimes I get a bit obsessed with the camera and think maybe I should take a class or something and actually learn what I’m doing. hehe

  1. James Garcia Jr says:

    Very nice, Stephanie. We haven’t camped in forever! Those were some great pictures, my friend. Makes me want to get out there again. How’s the WiFi out there? 😀


    • stephanieingramauthor says:

      Hi, Jimmy! Thanks! WiFi… lol. If they have WiFi then I probably shouldn’t find out about it. It’s amazing how much more productive I can be with pen and paper versus a computer that’s connected to the internet. 😉 It’s great to get away from it all for a bit though, isn’t it?

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