Waking Fire Fourth Week Update

It’s been an interesting week of frustrations and progress.

First, the frustrations. Writing shouldn’t hinge on whether or not I have an internet connection but it’s rather eye opening to consider just how often I depend on said connection. Take that away and leave me crippled, or at the very least, grumpy, even though in fairness, I should be way more productive writing. I wish I could say those issues have been resolved with the installation of a new wireless router but lo and behold, we’re still struggling and I’m fighting an in and out connection just to accomplish anything that requires I be connected to the world – like right now writing this day-late blog post. (ha)  Any suggestions?

It’s the last week of summer vacation for the kiddos and while I should be happy that soon I’ll have uninterrupted writing time, I am inevitably sad that I’ll be on my own. <big sigh> Let’s face it, I get way more done when I can concentrate on well… getting stuff done … but it’s not nearly as much fun. I like having the company and I miss them when they’re gone.

Since school starts next week, that also means even if technically, summer isn’t really over, it might as well be. Back to the grind. Early bedtimes. Nightly homework. Grumpy mornings. No more leisurely start to the day or trips to the pool. The days are getting shorter. I already notice the early darkness and the fact that it still looks like nighttime when I get up at 6am. As much as I love fall and look forward to everything it has to offer, I’m reluctant to kiss summer goodbye. I guess that makes me a sentimental sap. I’m already mourning the end of my garden.

We’ve spent a lot of time this week preparing for the dreaded back-to-school. The kids approach this task solemnly. It’s kind of fun to pick out new clothes, shoes, and supplies, but it means the day they would rather put off is catching up with them.

We were totally boring for the eclipse. It didn’t occur to me to get glasses and I know what my kids are like so I didn’t want them tempted to look. So instead, we locked ourselves away in the house for three hours with all the curtains pulled to watch movies. Boring. I’ll be better prepared for the next one in seven years. (ha ha)

But in all the crazy to-ing and fro-ing, I did manage to get a fair bit of writing done. I’m not quite as far as I’d hoped to be by day twenty-four but sitting at 38,578 words and 64% complete is not too shabby by any stretch of the imagination! I’ll take it.

I have a growing list of changes I want to make when it comes time to start rewrites and a nagging fear that I’m writing complete crap but I will persevere regardless. There are other aspects of my story that I do like. I am going to finish this draft. Okay, maybe not by the 31st as originally planned, but I haven’t given up hope on that either. I may have hit a few road blocks with one thing or another but I know when the kids are back in school, I will be able to write a lot more than I do now – maybe even double. If that is the case, there is no reason why I won’t be celebrating the completion of draft one by September 1st!

What do you suppose would be an appropriate way to celebrate?

This morning in the shower, I was struck with a way to make an older idea of mine better. It was a story I started a couple years ago and never finished because I never quite figured out what story I was trying to tell. Maybe it finally hit me? During my down time, I’m going to start brainstorming and who knows, I could end up with the outline for my next book.

Okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. (Restlessness is setting in.) Fear not, I still plan to immerse myself in rewrites for this book come September.

Time to enjoy those last fleeting moments of summer with my boys. Until next week…


Waking Fire Second Week Update

I’m making progress!

Waking Fire is moving right along. Nine days into the month and I’ve already passed the 20,000 word mark. I’m pretty happy with that.

Not only that, I’m still enjoying the story. The outline helps as I work my way from one chapter to the next. It’s vague enough that I still get to daydream about the scene I want to write but still includes all the important points I want to hit in that scene. Most days I’m averaging just over 3,000 words but last Friday I pushed until I’d written 5,000 words. (Saturday and Sunday, I rest… but daydream.)

Fast progress is great – but it’s also dangerous. Too much time spent staring at the screen means I risk burning out before I reach ‘The End’. Not only that, but it’s still summer and I want to enjoy family time too! So yesterday we took advantage of beautiful weather for a day at the local amusement park. But even if it’s fun with the family, I like to think of it as a little research, too. After all, most of the scenes I’m writing this week take place in a traveling carnival. Not quite the same as an amusement park – but close enough to inspire the real life sights and sounds one might encounter. So yes, I’m taking notes.

Now that it’s midweek, I’ve worked my way through Chapter Seven with plans of hitting the story’s midpoint by next Monday. Things are getting exciting and I’m getting even more excited to share the story I’m bringing to life on the page.

Thanks for reading. Now it’s back to writing!

Tuesday Photos – Sharing Summer Fun

Over the weekend, we finally went camping. It was a long overdue getaway due to about a million other things going on this summer, but if you know anything about me at all, you know that I love camping so I was eager for it. I haven’t posted Tuesday Photos in a while so it seemed logical that I should stop by and share our most recent excursion with you. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed living the moments…

First of all, no trip down memory lane would be complete with a photo of the campsite… The tent is brand new. Don’t you love it? I do too although we soon discovered that they just don’t make them like they used to. I bought my previous tent in 1998 and it lasted me thirteen years. It had nice, sturdy metal pools to actually hold the thing up. The new tent, while light and roomy, has very flimsy pools that we don’t suspect will last very long. Just to prove our point, one of the rain fly pools already snapped while we were taking it down. Ah well, what can you do, right? Hopefully Coleman will be kind enough to replace it free of charge. After all, it’s only the first time we’ve used the tent and we were being very careful.

(My little doggie friend looks so lost and lonely in this photo!)


I love trees. Here we see the sun trying to peek through the tops. Saturday it struggled to show itself through the clouds so these rare glimpses were worth photographing.


These puffy things always signal late summer / early fall to me, kind of like seeing fat, fuzzy caterpillars. I don’t know what they’re called but I think they’re pretty.


A view of the quiet lake during late day. I love the way the water reflects the trees. And wow, look at all those clouds. I am happy to report, however, that it didn’t rain a drop on us all weekend.


Last but not least, I include this photo from a hike through the woods. Those big, beautiful trees beckon me…
Thanks for stopping by and sharing the adventures. Be sure to check back tomorrow to share a different kind of adventure. I will be posting a sneak peek into the new novel Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings. It is your chance to read all of chapter one before the official book release in September!

Summer Lovin’ – Be Back Soon…

As much as I love to participate in Six Sentence Sunday and share snippets of my latest and greatest, this week I must pass. Summer days will soon be a distant memory so we’re making the most of them while we still can. Imagine me in this moment sitting around a campfire, maybe enjoying a pizza mountain pie, and looking out at all the trees around me. Hopefully I’m having fun and hopefully the family isn’t making me too crazy. I’ll be back to regular posting soon, including those fun six sentence snippets on Sundays. After all, the start of school is just around the corner.

Until then… Happy Summer!


Six Sentence Sunday #8 (More Ghosts!)

I can’t believe we’re into the last Sunday in July already. Where did the summer go? Needless to say, I’m still very much wrapped up in the rewriting of my WIP, Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings, and getting ready for a month-long editing process in August where I will break the story down chapter by chapter and make sure all the pieces are in the right place. After that is said and done, it’s clean-up time. I’ll comb through the manuscript several more times before it’s suitable for human eyes, or ghost eyes even.

But wait … that doesn’t stop me from sharing my little snippets during our Six Sentence Sunday fun day! I love participating and I love reading what other creative authors share on their own blogs. Want to check them out with me? Make sure you click HERE to visit the official Six Sunday website with a list of all participants.

Last week I posted the first six sentences of the novel. Today I jump forward a smidgeon and present you with a brief interaction between Brianna and Greer. Now that Dan has proposed, Greer is determined to make Brianna understand the danger she faces by marrying him…


“I’m trying to understand,” she said hoping to ease the tension between them.

“And don’t even think about children,” he said practically choking on the word, “You probably wouldn’t survive having one of his kind.”

“One of his kind,” she repeated with a sigh, imaging a smaller version of the Greek god that slept by her side. She decided she could do worse as long as their children took after their father in looks. It was not an entirely unappealing thought.


Ah the dilemma she faces… she is finally presented with the perfect man who wants her as much as she wants him but now she’s being told she can’t go through with it. What’s a girl to do?

Hope you’ll stop back next week for more…