Waking Fire Second Week Update

I’m making progress!

Waking Fire is moving right along. Nine days into the month and I’ve already passed the 20,000 word mark. I’m pretty happy with that.

Not only that, I’m still enjoying the story. The outline helps as I work my way from one chapter to the next. It’s vague enough that I still get to daydream about the scene I want to write but still includes all the important points I want to hit in that scene. Most days I’m averaging just over 3,000 words but last Friday I pushed until I’d written 5,000 words. (Saturday and Sunday, I rest… but daydream.)

Fast progress is great – but it’s also dangerous. Too much time spent staring at the screen means I risk burning out before I reach ‘The End’. Not only that, but it’s still summer and I want to enjoy family time too! So yesterday we took advantage of beautiful weather for a day at the local amusement park. But even if it’s fun with the family, I like to think of it as a little research, too. After all, most of the scenes I’m writing this week take place in a traveling carnival. Not quite the same as an amusement park – but close enough to inspire the real life sights and sounds one might encounter. So yes, I’m taking notes.

Now that it’s midweek, I’ve worked my way through Chapter Seven with plans of hitting the story’s midpoint by next Monday. Things are getting exciting and I’m getting even more excited to share the story I’m bringing to life on the page.

Thanks for reading. Now it’s back to writing!

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