Frolicking My Way Through Friday

pepperAs some of you already know, I recently added a new addition to my pack… errr…family. I was told she’s a black lab/retriever mix. I don’t know if this means she’s black lab mixed with a golden or a lab mixed with some unknown breed. She looks a lot like a lab though.

The young couple that had her before us adopted her at 8 weeks, kept her for 4 weeks, and then decided they needed to find a new home. They never took her to a vet but aside from having two types of worms and a few fleas, she’s very healthy according to our vet. And oh, not only is she absolutely adorable but she’s one of the cuddliest dogs I’ve ever met.

Maybe I’m just not used to a dog that likes affection. Webster is a good dog but he made it clear from day one that he had no interest in being held and even when you go to pet him, he often leans away as if he’s trying to let you know that he’s not really into the contact. He’ll let me give him attention but it’s limited and he would never jump in my lap. But if it’s playing you want to do? Well then, grab a rope toy because he’s ready to go!

Now that Pepper has been a member of our family for three weeks, we’ve had a chance to get settled in and I’m happy to say that she’s a perfect fit. Even on her first night in a new place, she had no anxieties about being somewhere different. We’ve had a few hiccups learning where to potty but for the most part, she’s also good about going outside now as well. webandme

dogsAnd then there are Webster and Pepper together! They are two dogs that simply cannot get enough of playing. It’s rather amusing to watch “giant” Webster with “tiny” Pepper, although he’s surprisingly gentle with her. He will grab a rope toy and entice her to chase him and obviously, she can’t resist.  I am grateful that we’ve been having such warm and sunny weather because it’s nice to be able to tell them to go play outside in the afternoon. They chase each other through the woods behind the house and all over the yard. I often watch them and wonder who is getting more tired – Webster or Pepper but I think the real answer is ME! Ha ha

When they do manage to exhaust each other and it’s time to rest, Pepper has attempted to cuddle up next to Webster but each time, he gently takes his paw and pushes her away or he gets up and moves. He’s truly not a cuddle dog, not even with other dogs. That’s okay though because then she ends up on my lap instead and I am not complaining a bit.

Dogs are awesome. They are loyal, happy, friendly, playful – everything you could ever ask for in a friend. They live in the moment and love life. We all should be a little more like them. Okay, maybe they have their annoying moments as well. (Don’t we all?) But for the most part, you can’t go wrong having one or two around.



I Plead Insanity

I plead insanity.

After a sleepless night, I’m trying to remember why it was such a great idea to get a puppy and I can’t come up with anything other than I must have been insane. Our little bundle of fur is thirteen weeks old today. He’s spent four weeks of his life with us and we’ve been pretty good about setting up a consistent routine, as much as we can manage being summer and all. So why, oh why, did he suddenly decide that instead of going into his crate and sleeping, like he’s always done every other night, that he would stay awake crying, whining, and barking? All. Night. Long.

By 5:30 this morning, I got up and shooed him outside, a little too late to get sleep, but if I didn’t get a break from the barking then I was going to start screaming and/or do something I’d later regret. I’m not exactly brimming with patience, you see, and it’s taking everything I’ve got to manage him during the day as it is. I need those precious nighttime hours to recuperate and if I don’t get them, gosh darn it, I am not going to be a girl you want to face in the morning.

So then, what are we doing wrong? Is it just a one-off bad night with quieter nights ahead?

Oh, darling doggie, curled up and sleeping peacefully as I type, don’t you get it into your head that I’m going to let you sleep all day. Ooooooooooooooooooh no…. I have very different plans for you today. If we’re going to make this thing work then things will need to change. Don’t think those cute puppy dog eyes are going to change a thing either.

I can’t complain too much. As far as puppies are concerned, he’s been pretty good so far. As long as he doesn’t potty in the house (so far, so good) and he doesn’t eat the children (still working on that one) then I consider it a good day. The icing on the cake would be no barking but well, he is a dog, and I understand sometimes it’s going to happen. I like to think I’m pretty easy-going for the most part. I didn’t even freak out when muddy paws raced across my kitchen…

But this nighttime thing is a different story. I need my sleep. No other way around it.

If you don’t see me around, it’s because I’m taking the dog for a walk or chasing him back and forth in the backyard. (That would be a sight to see, I’m sure.) The writing will get done, eventually, but first things first… I must secure a good night sleep ahead or Mr. Doggie’s days are numbered…

Gosh darn it, why does he have to be so cute though??

Wonderful, Wacky, Webster!

Last Tuesday evening, we did sort of a crazy thing. We brought home a puppy. Mind you, this didn’t come out of the blue, at least not entirely. We’d been going back and forth about getting a dog for several months and we even had an assortment of the essentials such as the crate and toys. Even though we kept talking about it, however, I’m not sure we ever really took ourselves seriously. Or maybe it was just that we kept thinking that yes, we’re getting a dog, but it won’t be until some day far, far away from now.

We found Webster via an ad on craigslist. He was the last in his litter of German Shepherd / Black Lab mixed puppies and we certainly thought he was cute in the photo. We arranged to meet him and after a brief and awkward exchange in a Get Go parking lot, we agreed to take him.

The timing could have been better. By the time we stopped to pick up food and some odds and ends, it was well past the kids’ bedtime and getting home meant rushing to get them into pajamas, brush teeth, and plop them in bed. (Sounds easier than it is, trust me.) Add a terrified 9 week-old puppy to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for nighttime stress. He didn’t know us and we didn’t know him so we were all frazzled.

By the time Hubby and I were ready for bed, the puppy made it clear that he wasn’t going to settle down too easily. He cried, and cried, and cried some more. No sleep for us. This didn’t make facing Wednesday easy and after a repeat performance on Wednesday night, we were pretty much ready to throw in the towel on Thursday. Add to this, the discovery that our beloved new little furball was covered in fleas and a tick and although he seemed fairly good about going potty outside, he still had his accidents.

Thursday night, however, something clicked. Instead of trying to “ignore” the whining and crying in the crate at bedtime, Hubby firmly told him to be quiet – and he did. The puppy was quiet! We slept! Friday felt like a brand new start to life! A trip to the vet that afternoon sorted out the flea problem and gave him a clean bill of health otherwise. We finally gave him a name on Saturday morning. (Took us long enough, I know.) His name is Webster. Yes, as in dictionary.

Now that Webester has been a part of our family for nearly a week, we’re starting to get to know one another. Since he was born on the 18th of April, this makes him an Aries, like me, so I keep looking for traits that we may have in common. Will he be adventurous and full of energy and enthusiasm? I hope so! Will he be quick-tempered and impatient? Hmmm…  It’s hard to imagine. Right now he is busy doing battle with the lawn furniture.

Whatever adventures or disasters await, I’m certain with Webster in our lives, there will never be a dull day.

Do you have pets? Care to share any humorous, or heart-warming pet stories? Have advice for settling in with our new puppy? I’m all ears and wagging tail to hear it. 🙂