Six Sentence Sunday #9 – Who Do you Trust?

Happy Six Sentence Sunday! In my weeks of participating in the fun, I’ve enjoyed introducing everyone to my three favorite characters from Ghosts Don’t Wear Silk Stockings. We have beautiful Brianna who wants nothing more than to find love but gets caught between drop-dead gorgeous Dan who just might be as evil as he is good with his hands, and the temperamental spirit Greer that insists she needs to dump Dan now for reasons that he’s reluctant to explain. But there is another player as well, who is no less important to Brianna’s life than Dan and Greer. Ex-boyfriend Jake proves early on in the story that he’s going to be a problem that won’t go away. We join him with Brianna in today’s six pulled from chapter three…


“Let’s be rational about this, Jake,” she said slowly, afraid to provoke him. She closed her eyes tightly to try to stop the flow of tears but it didn’t help. He grabbed her by the hair and pressed his face against hers. She tried to shove him away but it was no use. She yielded to his kiss until he finally broke the embrace, keeping hold of her with one hand and watching her with wild eyes.

“You know you want to be with me,” he almost whispered to her.


Jake is bad news but fear not, Brianna knows how to handle him.

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Jake will be waiting for you next week. 😉

3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #9 – Who Do you Trust?

  1. maddiecochere says:

    Ooh, the ex-boyfriend, and she’s afraid to provoke him. There’s a lot of emotion in that six. Ex-boyfriends can do that to you. Glad to read Brianna knows how to handle him. 🙂

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